How to backup telegram chat

If you have had a long and interesting Telegram conversation, and you want to backup this chat, keeping it forever or just want to delete not losing all the data and the info, you can export or back up the chats.

By following these simple steps, you could stock the most important conversations you have’d and you can recover them whenever you want.

How to backup Telegram chat conversation?

Although it may seem odd, Telegram does not offer the option of recovering chats from the mobile versionT , so you can only back up a chat via  Telegram Desktop version, meaning that you have to do it from your computer, downloading the app from this link.

The good part is that Telegram works directly with its own cloud, and all your fingertips and conversations wil be restored on  any version you open, whether it is mobile, web or desktop.

Backup all your Telegram chats step by step

Once you have Telegram Desktop version, the next steps are easier. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Open the Telegram application from the desktop version.
  • Go to the menu section located at the top left and click on the settings.

    advance settings on telegram

  • In settings, go to “advanced settings”. Then select the option “Export Telegram Data”.

    export telegram data

  • The next part will ask you what you want to save from all your chats (medias, just messages…) and limiting the size if it is necessary.
  • Just hit the export button. Done.

Backup a Telegram specific chat

The procedure is the same as previous, but clicking on the three dots you would find in the top right corner of the telegram Chat/group.
export chat history telegram

  • Once you have selected the chats you want to back up, press the export button. Now you will have to wait a little while for the process to be completed.
  • Try not to close or turn off your computer while you are waiting, so that the process can be completed effectively.

To confirm that the chat export was successful, please verify that a folder named Data Export has been created within the Telegram download section.

¡That’s all!

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