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What is a Telegram BOT?

A Telegram bot is a program that acts like another Telegram human user, but with extra capacities and functions. It can perform some task and actions depending on for what has been developed to. It can work automatically or on the user’s demand,  usually to send:

Instant messages


Video files

Files or any other variants

The best of these bots is the capacity to execute commands, so it can directly trigger actions or request data and information. Almost all bots have the command of /help which helps you to understand better the functions of that bot.

Use the bots either in channels, groups, chats…  Or just for yourself. Check on this websites the different kind of Telegram bots we have and start improving the performance of your Telegram.

New Telegram Bots:

Skeddy reminder bot

Skeddy reminder bot

SkeddyEnglish or RussianSkeddy is a simple yet powerful reminder tool that can help you create and manage your reminders/start - start using bot/go to main menu/help - open help/add - add new reminder/list - get a list of your reminders/formats - show information...

Amazon price story bot

Amazon price story bot

Amazon price story botEnglishConsult the price history of any Amazon product. As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn revenue from every qualifying purchase.Just send the productWebsites supported:Europe: UK,Italy,Spain,Germany, France, NrtherlandsAmerica: US, CanadáAsia: India

Music Downloader Bot

Music Downloader Bot

Music DownloaderEnglishDownload Song, Album & Playlist. Send me a song name or JioSaavn link and I'll send you song on TelegramYou can fill the search song or search album-

symbolize telegram channels

What are Telegram Channels?

Telegram channels are the best way to be updated about any topic or information you would like to know.

Their function is simple, you create a channel, Telegram users can join to that channel and then everything you share on there will be seen by these users.

You can also make private groups.

Don’t worry about other people’s spam or to be overwhelming  with a lot of chat, only the owner of the channel can share or write on the channel, so this is a nice point to maintain order on the Telegram channel.

Newest Telegram Channels:

My hero academia

My hero academia

Channel Details: Channel name:My Hero Academia Language/ Region: English Description: 💫Welcome Dear MHA Fans, enjoy our high quality and up to date content. Amount of members (on the published date): 4.012More info: Episodes and photos of this anime.

PDF BOOK’S Channel 📖

PDF BOOK’S Channel 📖

3Channel Details: Channel name:PDF BOOK'S Channel 📖 Language/ Region: English Description: Best Telegram Channel for PDF English Books and Magazines. Download bestseller books for free from this telegram channel 2022. Amount of members (on the published...

Swop Toky

Swop Toky

Channel Details: Channel name:SWOP TOKY | NFT community Language/ Region: English Description: A community of like-minded people interested in cryptocurrencies, NFT and other areas of the blockchain world. Amount of members (on the published date): 1.863More info:...

Lifehacks Telegram

Lifehacks Telegram

4.80Channel Details: Channel Language/ Region: English Description: Fresh Perspective on LifeGet refreshing ideas to end negativity, get things done fast, and achieve bigger goals Amount of members (on the published date): 4.809More info: -

What is a Telegram group?

A Telegram group is a single chatroom where you can invite other users to participate in that group simultaneously.

There are similar to the WhatsApp groups, but there are some benefits that Telegram groups give to the community that other groups don’t:

Users limit is on 200,000

You can set a delay of message to avoid flood.

You can make video calls or calls, and the admin can give the permission to one person to talk each time.

Groups can be private or public.

Latest Telegram Groups:

itrend Technology channel

itrend Technology channel

Channel Details: Channel name:iTrend Technology Language/ Region: English Description: IT is an ever-changing atmosphere that can be overwhelming, however, it is a necessary tool for modern business. Nearly all platforms of business from Main Street to Wall Street...

Hollywood movies Telegram

Hollywood movies Telegram

Hollywood Movies HereEnglish1.270A group where you can discuss and find the best Hollywood Movies they have been released many years ago. There are in good quality and you can download them sometimes.More info -

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What is Telegram?

Telegram is a messenger app that works with the internet, just like other app like WhatsApp or Facebook. Even so, Telegram makes a big difference in terms of safety and privacy to the users, since all the files, media, messages, calls… are absolutely encrypted and anonymized.

It also offers the best communication experience with tools like Telegram groups, channels or Bots, where they can be both open or private.

This Website is made to help Telegram users to improve the usability of the App, collecting the most interesting Telegram Channels and the best Telegram Bots for everybody, selecting according to the needs or likes of each user.
Nowadays, Telegram has more than 500 million active users, and it is suitable for almost any device.

So let’s start downloading Telegram ¡100% free!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I add my own Bot or Channel to this Website?

Yes, you can send us any Bot or channel you have that you think it could be interesting to share with the community.

First, we need you to send us email with the full details of the Bot or channel you want to include in our website.

What is a Telegram Channel

Telegram channels are one of the most interesting tools Telegram has. You can join to any channel of any topic that is of your interest and there, you will receive updates, interesting info or whatever the channel offers.
User CAN NOT write or message on Telegram channels, only the owner can do, so that’s makes all clean and tidy, just focused on the main aim of giving information of the related topic that the owner of the channel is sharing.

Just check out here and decide what you are interested in and join!

Are Bots and Channels safe?

We can not guarantee the intentions or utilities each channel or bots have, since that, as any other Webpage, depends on the owner of them, and there are not under our properties.

Normally are for fair use, but if we would know of anything that it can be harmful for users, we would remove immediately from our webpage and likewise, we ask for your collaboration to avoid this kind of situations.