ChatGpt Bot Telegram

ChatGpt Bot Telegram

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Bot Name

ChatGpt Bot 🇰🇭





ChatGPT bot is a versatile Telegram assistant with 9 functions, including image research, PDF creation, font styles, URL scanning, text conversations, social media video downloads, and live member checks in channels/groups.

Commands/ How to use

🤖 You can use commands like:
– Research image */image cat*
– Ask me questions or just send a text, and I’ll respond!
– You can also send a photo with caption for questions
– Make PDF by text just send */textpdf my pdf file*
– Font style send */textfont Hello* for get fon
– Loop word send */loop 100#HI* for get Hi 100times
– Scan Virus url */scanurl your_url*
– Download Video social media send */download url*

All option is free and unlimited

ChatGpt Bot Telegram functions

More info

Telegram ChatGPT is a bot that uses the google api language model to generate responses to users’ messages. It was developed for the Telegram messaging app and is designed to allow users to have conversations with the bot, ask it questions, or have it generate text for various tasks.


ChatGpt Bot Telegram option

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