Luna AI Telegram

Luna AI Telegram

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Luna – ChatGPT





Meet Luna, your AI assistant powered by ChatGPT-3! Get help with tasks, solutions, and answers on various topics 🤝.

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Whether you need assistance with tasks, solutions to problems, or simply have questions, Luna can provide you with answers on a wide range of topics, including coding, economics, mathematics, copywriting, and even more 🤝

Voice Message Recognition: You can send audio messages to Luna instead of typing text messages 🎤

Languages: Luna speaks more than 95 languages. Try yours! 🚀

Tip: To save tokens, start a new dialog using the /new command as longer dialogs use more tokens per message 💡

Balance: When signing up, each user receives 20,000 free tokens. Use the /balance command to see your remaining balance or /buy to get some extra tokens.

Be aware: The bot may occasionally generate incorrect information and has limited knowledge of the world and events after 2021.

Support: Have an issue or a question? Check out the /faq or contact us at @NerdsValley or via email at

New features coming soon! ⏳

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