Notion Echo Telegram

Notion Echo Telegram

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Effortlessly creates callout blocks in a Notion page of your choosing, enabling you to capture ideas, notes, and tasks without ever leaving your Telegram chat and allowing you to write notes on your Notion as you were writing to a friend on telegram

Commands/ How to use

– /help – Displays this help message;
– /register – Register your Notion notebook in the bot;
– /note text – Write the text of the note or upload a pdf, jpg, jpeg or png (if it’s an image, please ensure to send it without compression or it will upload a blurred image on notion) on Notion;
– /defaultpage page_name – Sets the default Notion page for your notes. Ensure this is an authorized page during registration;
– /getdefaultpage – Get default page for your user;
– /deauthorize – I will forget you;

Need a bit more guidance? Type /help anytime to see what I can do for you or look at the Github repository:


More info

Remember, your privacy is paramount. I don’t keep any of your data. Everything goes straight into your Notion, and nowhere else.

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