Meme make bot

Meme make bot

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Bot Name

Meme Make Bot





Your favorite inline bot. I make memes, really.

Commands/ How to use

You guessed it right, I make memes! To create a meme, use this bot as an inline bot, that is, call me by writing @mememakebot in any other conversation/chat (not here for instance).
As an example, if you want to create a panda meme that says hello you may write:

@mememakebot panda,hello!

Then, do not hit Send button, but wait for images to appear as a search box, you might pick the panda you love the most and select that picture by clicking/tapping on it.
The meme will be sent with the picture and the Hello text


More info

I create memes! Please use me as an inline bot, or just ask me for help if you don’t know what that means.

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