Chat me Telegram Bot

Chat me telegram bot

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Bot Name






World of Chat. You can chat with anybody randomly with this bot,

Commands/ How to use

/start – Enter an anonymous chat
/stop – Leave chat
/nick – Change nick
/list – List of users in a chat
% – Write in the third person
$ – Write hidden message
/last – Show last exited users
/msg – Send a private message
/getmsg – Get private messages
/notify – Notificatios of messages in chat
/poll – Create a poll
/polldone – End a poll
/vote – Vote
/info [CODE] – See information about a user
/hug [CODE] – Hug a user
/slap [CODE] – Slap a user
/search [TEXT] – Search a user by a nick
/harakiri [MINUTES|R] – Make harakiri!
/ping – Check bot”s operability
/rules – Chat’s rules
/about – Information about a bot


More info

There is a random nick generated for you.
If you don”t like it, you can come up with your own and set it with command /nick

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