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The bot is integrated into Telegram so you can try it directly by typing @like [text, emoji, image, sticker] to create a quick post that will contain the like and dislike emojis to react to. 



Create posts based on emoji reactions as buttons, share them with your friends and create surveys with it.  


The bot it is integrated to Telegram, so it has no commands, but if you want to create a post that contains personalized reactions you must click the New Post option in the menu that will appear when writing @like [text, emoji, image, sticker] 

This will redirect you to the bot chat, where you must send what you want to post, then it will ask you to send a message with the emojis you want to add to your post (you can add any as long as it is native to Telegram) and done so, press Publish or if a text appears (example: @like #6e5dccb3a1000bbc0) in the chat/group/channel that you are going to send the that the post is sent with the corresponding custom reactions in the form of buttons.

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