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This is a librarian Bot, working for Library Genesis, the bigges free library on the internet. It can help you download ebooks and documents. More than 1 million ebooks available!



More info

**If BOT is not Working do the following**

1-Create new Group in Telegram.
2-Add Free librarian Bot to your group.
3- Once added, change the group settings trhough manage group-Chat histori for new members and set this visible. (IMPORTANT STEP. Otherwise, you will get “This message couldn’t be displayed on your device due to copyright infringement.” each you talk to the bot).
4-Go to Administrators-Add administrators and then add the bot as administrator.


It can search and download books from Library Genesis.
The library contains many books from every topic in epub/pdf format. You can check its website at or
Example queries:

Harry Potter
author Stephen King
title Da Vinci Code

The books can be in epub (📗) or pdf (📙) format.

If you need help just use /help for more information about available titles use /info

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      Updated, now. Please follow the instructions.


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