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Biblioteca Secreta


English, Spanish



Download Ebooks in English easily to your Smartphone/Tablet/PC. More than half a million ebooks are waiting for you!

Commands/ How to use

The library contains many books from every topic in epub/pdf format.

Example queries:

Harry Potter
author Stephen King
title Da Vinci Code

If you need help, just use /help for more information about available titles use /info


More info

It is forbidden to download, stream, reproduce, or by any means, share, or consume, content without explicit permission from the content creator or legal copyright holder. is not associated nor affiliated with this bot and does not endorse any use of it.

Any update it may occur to this bot are shown here:

Updates (04/11/22)

Sometimes this bot is unable to access due some people use it fraudulently. Please, use just to find old or discontinued books, only a fair use is accepted, this is the aim of the bot. 


 Bot updated to the last version



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