Super Sushi Samurai Blockchain

Super Sushi Samurai Blockchain

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Super Sushi Samurai is an afk farming telegram game. It launches on March 21 and can currently be played on Telegram, although the only thing it allows is making referrals and farming rice. It’s on the Ethereum Blast L2 network.


Commands/ How to use

How to participate in the airdrop?

To participate in the airdrop we must start telegram and speak to the bot and:

1. You have to write /start.
2. Click on the lower blue play button.
3. Press «Create Account»
4. Use my referral code or any other from the official telegram. Mine is sSs_8PHTOPIV (I put it because one is required before launch).
5. In the upper right, on the scroll (quests), do the maximum possible since the airdrop will be based on those points.

AFK game explanation

afk game sushi telegram

More info

Q1- How do I join the game?
A1- Right here on Telegram, go to the official links and click Play, then enter your friend’s referral code. get a referral code from the Invite Codes channel (on the official telegram or using this sSs_8PHTOPIV).

Q2- I joined the game, what do I do now?
A2- Don’t forget to check daily and finish the missions to increase the points that will determine your participation in the airdrop.

Q3- Where can I find my reference?
A3- Go to the top left corner + click on the image next to your name + Reference ID is there

Q4- How to level up? My harvest and level up button not working?
A4- Until March 21, which is the main launch, only quests will be available.

Q5- I have done everything for today, what else can I do?
A5- Sit back and relax, please your referee and do the daily checks.

Q6: Will harvested rice be reset when it is officially released?
A6: You can keep your rice.

Q7: How can I level up?
A7: You can’t level up yet, this is just the pre-release app; more content coming soon.

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