Chat anonimous in Telegram

Chat anonimous in Telegram

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Bot Name



English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic…



🇬🇧 Chat anonymously with girls and boys choosing age 📆 sex 🚹🚺 and distance preferences📍.

>>> No one will know who you really are! Only you!

Commands/ How to use

/language – change the language of the bot
/newchat – start a new chat
/nextchat – get matched with another user
/revoke – to revoke a sent message
/stopsearching – stop searching for users
/leavechat – leave a chat
/settings – set your settings
/report – send us a report


More info

With this bot you can chat with boy and girls choosing you preferences about age 📆 gender 👦👧 and distance 📍.
The chat is anonymous and the people you chat with have no way to understand who you really are!

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