Pokemon Hexa bot

Pokemon Hexa bot

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Bot Name

HeXa InFo BoT





I Have Lot’s Of Data About Pokémon/Hexa Types, Natures And Tms etc. all-in-one multi-features pokedex + hexadex bot

Commands/ How to use

/data – Pokémon Data
⚗️ /ptype – To Check Pokémon’s Type
🧬 /poketypes – To Check Weakness And Resistance
🧫 /types – To Check type
🏞️ /nature – Nature of Pokemon
🌇 /bestnature – To Check Best Nature Of Legendary & Mythical Pokemons
🎑 /bestnature0L – To Check Best Nature Of Non Legendary Pokemons
✨ /arceustype – To Get List Of All Types Of Arceus
💿 /tms – To Check Tm List
🎮 /hexa – To Get Basic Details & Guide Of Hexa Game
🥊 /train – To Get Pokemon EV Training Details
📝 /buysellform – To Get Buy And Sell Form
🏕️ /safariguide – To Check Legendary & Mythical Pokemon found in Different Safari Regiond
🔮 /pokeball – To Check Info & Catch Rate Of Pokeballs
🧰 /item – To Check Info, Effect & Cost Of Items In HeXa
🎴 /pcard – To Get Pokemon Card With All Info
⚙️ /cmd – To Get List Of All Commands
🎈 /help – To Get This Menu. (https://telegra.ph/file/fcb4e2b83afcb338e8da1.jpg)


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