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You can chat with the bot as if it were a real conversation, as well as being able to do exercises, learn grammar and play games to make the experience more enjoyable.



Are you bad at English or want to practice your pronunciation? With this bot you can practise your english in any way.




/stats: It reflects statistics of interest such as: English vocabulary words you have known with the bot, number of words you learned weekly, lessons completed or practiced and ultimately the streak of days with which you have been interacting with the bot. 

/vocabulary: When activated, it will display a word in English, its concept and pronunciation (in audio), in which you must choose if you understood, you want to explain the meaning of it or you already knew this word. 

/grammar: It will redirect you to a menu where you can download its grammar app to learn. (Available on both iOS and Android). 

/play:  It shows a menu where you can choose 3 game classes to learn English words: Emoji, words or grammar. 

/talk: Start a chat with the bot. 

/help: Displays a small help/support menu. 

/settings: Configure every time the bot should write to you to do activities. 

/stop: It will stop any commands you have previously triggered.

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