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Auto Reaction Bot ✨





✨ This bot automatically adds reactions to messages in your Telegram chats, Just add this bot to your group or channel, and it will start reacting to new messages using a predefined set of emojis like 👍❤️🔥🎉. You can customize which emojis the bot uses to match the tone and preferences of your chat.✨ This Bot can Auto-react to Channel Posts, Groups and Private Chats. Open-Source 🙂

Commands/ How to use

💁‍♂️ Here’s how I spice up your chats:

✨ DM Magic: Message me and receive a surprise emoji in return. Expect the unexpected and enjoy the fun!
🏖 Group & Channel: Add me to your groups or channels, and I’ll keep the vibe positive by reacting to messages with engaging emojis.

✍️ To view the emojis I can use, simply type /reactions. To create your own auto reaction bot, head over to: Auto-Reaction-Bot on GitHub (


More info

📥 Source Code :

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