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Bot Name






BotFather is the one bot to rule them all. Use it to create new bot accounts and manage your existing bots.

Commands/ How to use

You can control the bot using the next commands:

You can control me by sending these commands:

Create Bots

/newbot – create a new bot
/mybots – edit your bots [beta]

Edit Bots

/setname – change a bot’s name
/setdescription – change bot description
/setabouttext – change bot about info
/setuserpic – change bot profile photo
/setcommands – change the list of commands
/deletebot – delete a bot

Bot Settings

/token – generate authorization token
/revoke – revoke bot access token
/setinline – toggle inline mode (
/setinlinegeo – toggle inline location requests (
/setinlinefeedback – change inline feedback ( settings
/setjoingroups – can your bot be added to groups?
/setprivacy – toggle privacy mode ( in groups


/mygames – edit your games ( [beta]/newgame – create a new game (
/listgames – get a list of your games
/editgame – edit a game
/deletegame – delete an existing game


More info

If you’re new to the Bot API, please see the manual (

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