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Control your finances

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Bot Name



English, Ukranian



The bot allows to keep track of personal expenses by entering them in the <amount> <category> format.
Provides daily / monthly statistics
Provides ability to import / export expenses
Completely free.

Commands/ How to use

This bot allows you to keep track of your expenses by recording your spending in the following format:

<amount> <category>

For example, to record that you spent 500 on a car, you would send the following message:

500 car

The bot will automatically record the amount and category of the spending, along with the date and time.

That’s it! With this bot, you can keep track of your spending and make better financial decisions.


More info

Say goodbye to the headache of keeping track of expenses, because Financie makes it simple to add your spending, categorize it, and see where your money is going. With Financie, you’ll be in control of your finances in no time!

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