Group Help Bot

Group Help Bot

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Bot Name

Group Help





🤖 This is the most complete Bot to help you manage your groups easily and safely!

Commands/ How to use

The first thing to do is to add Group Help to your group! For doing that, press the under button and select your group, then press “Done” to continue the tutorial.

Now for let me work correctly, you need to make me Admin of your Group!

To do that, follow this easy steps:
▫️ Go to your group
▫️ Press the Group’s name
▫️ Press Modify
▫️ Press on Administrator
▫️ Press Add Administrator
▫️ Press the Magnifying Glass
▫️ Search @GroupHelpBot
▫️ Confirm

Now the Bot is ready to use!

Using the /settings command you have at your disposal a series of things that can be modified how you prefer, as required for your group.


More info

➡️ Add me in your group as Admin!

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