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Image to PDF Telegram

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Image To PDF





This Telegram bot simplifies image-to-PDF conversion, facilitates admin-user communication, and effectively delivers advertising messages, enhancing user experience.📌 Turn 🖼 to PDFs with Image-to-PDF Bot! Fast 🚀, secure 🔒, and user-friendly ✨

Commands/ How to use

🖼️ Send me any images you’d like to be turned into a sleek PDF document. Whether it’s photographs, drawings, or any other pictures, I’m here to help!

📜 Once you’ve sent over all the images you want, simply use the /convert command, and I’ll get to work immediately. In no time, you’ll receive your compiled PDF file. 📁


More info

🆘 If you need help or have questions, click /help

🌟 Enjoy using the bot, and happy converting! 🌟

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