Karma points with Axenia

Karma points with Axenia

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Bot Name



English, russian, Turkey



Hello. I’m Axenia. I can count the karma points in groups.
Type ‘+’ (👍) for raising or ‘-‘ (👎) for reducing points to the user which you reply.

Commands/ How to use

Hello! My name is Axenia and I can count the karma points.
Use /help to see more about and /settings for switch language.

/top – show top of users in current group.
/my_stats – show your global statistics.
/settings – open dialog to change the language and to toggle silent-mode which mute bot comments and cooldown time between user’s messages about decrease/increase karma points (admin only)
/buy – Also you may buy some content (kitty, gif etc) on your karma points.

Raising/reducing karma
Type ‘plus’ (+ or 👍) for raising or ‘minus’ (- or 👎) for reducing karma points to the user on which message it will be replying.


More info

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