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 English (It can be changed to many langugages)



If you urgently need to edit a PDF from your mobile and nothing else you have Telegram at hand, this bot will help you a lot.


More info

Its most outstanding functions are:

Compare, crop, decrypt, encrypt, merge, rotate, scale, split, and watermark a PDF file.

– Extract text and photos into PDF file and convert PDF file into photos

– Beautify and convert photos to PDF format.

– Convert a web page to a PDF file


/help: it will show you a simple guide on how to use the bot.

/setlang: Change the bot language to your preferences or native language.

 /support: Shows a menu in which it will give you various options with which you can support the development of the bot if you are satisfied with the use of it.

/compare: With this command the bot you can compare 2 PDFs in search of differences (only in text).

 /merge: Merge 2 PDFs to convert it into a single PDF file.

/photo:  Beautify or convert photos to PDF format.

 /text: Create a PDF with text within the bot chat, without having to resort to external programs.

 /watermark: Watermark the PDF you’re sending to the bot.

 /cancel: Cancel any command or action you are doing.

 /feedback: Send suggestions to the bot creator.

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