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Premium Bot






Overcome limits, get exclusive features and support Telegram’s development by subscribing to Premium.

The new update has arrived and you can now subscribe to Telegram Premium.


Commands/ How to use


4 GB uploads.
– Send media and files each up to 4 GB in size.

Faster downloads
– Download media and files at the fastest possible speed, without limits.

Duplicate limits
– Follow up to 1000 channels and groups.
– Connect 4 accounts in any app.
– Organize your chats in 20 folders, with 200 chats each.
– Set 10 chats in your main list.
– Reserve up to 20 public links.
– Save 400 favorite GIFs and 10 favorite stickers.
– Write a longer bio for your profile and include links.
– Include longer captions for photos and videos.

Voice to text
– Get a new button next to any voice message to generate a transcript of your audio.

Unique reactions and stickers
– React with even more emoji, including :clown: and :hearteyes:
– Send unique stickers with additional effects, updated monthly.

Chat management
– Set a default chat folder or enable tools to automatically archive and hide new chats.

Badges and animated profile pictures
– Subscribers have a badge next to their name, showing that they help maintain Telegram.
– Show your profile video that will animate for everyone in chats and in the chat list.

No ads
– Sponsored messages that are sometimes displayed in public channels will no longer appear.

App icons
– Choose from several new Telegram icons for your home screen.

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More info

Telegram has enabled an official bot for all users where you can subscribe saving commission, being the final price of 3.99€.

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    delete my telegram can no get it with new bank. car

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    I want my expenses back​ to me (Payment Premium Bot)

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    can you help me ? I want Back Payment to Telegram (Premium Bot) Please Help me


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