Sydney GPT4 Telegram Bot

Sydney GPT4 Telegram Bot

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Bot Name

Sydney GPT4





Chat-GPT-4 powered Telegram bot

Commands/ How to use

Chat-GPT-4 powered Telegram bot! To start, please click the “Start” button below.

To complete the OAuth process, please follow these steps:

1. Click the button to open the authentication link in your browser.
2. Log in to the authentication page using your credentials.
3. Once you reach a blank page with a URL in the address bar, copy the entire URL.
4. Come back to this chat and send me the copied URL in a message.

Once I receive the URL, I’ll use it to complete the OAuth process.

We do not store any of your content or session information with the exception of what is necessary to provide you the service, and only with your consent.

You can always log out by running the /start command and clicking on the Logout button, from the /start command then privacy policy, or by stopping the bot.


More info

By using our Chat-GPT-4 powered Telegram bot, you agree to the following:

– You are responsible for how you use the bot and any consequences that may result from your actions.
– We are not responsible for any account bans or other issues that may arise as a result of using the bot.

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