Telegram Premium official channel

Telegram Premium official channel

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Telegram Premium – a subscription that lets you support Telegram’s continued development and gives you access to exclusive additional features. Telegram now has over 700 million monthly active users. 🌟 Telegram Premium is a subscription that lets users support Telegram’s continued development and unlock access to exclusive features:

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Unlock the Premium experience ( for family and friends – with a 26% discount on 1-year subscription gifts. 👋

Open a user’s profile, tap➕and choose Gift Premium. The gifted subscription will instantly arrive as a special message in your chat with that user – containing an 🎁 animated gift box.

Premium Downloads
• 4 GB Uploads (
• Faster Downloads (

Unique Emoji and Stickers
• Infinite ( (
• Custom Emoji Packs (
• Emoji Statuses (
• Stickers with Premium Effects (

Audio Transcription
• Voice-to-Text ( for Voice Messages ( and Video Messages (
• Privacy Settings for Voice Messages (

Chat Management
• Doubled Limits (
• Default Chat Folders (
• Auto-Archive Chats (
• No Ads (

Premium Badges
• Premium Badges (
• Premium App Icons (
• Animated Profile Pictures (

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