English chatting Telegram group

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English Chatting | International group




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🍃 This is one of the best groups for meeting new people from different countries and cultures.

🍃 Let’s make new friends and have
fun communicating in English

«By the sword we seek peace, but
peace only under liberty»

English chatting Telegram group

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☘️ #1 No 18+ stuff(nudity), racism, cursing and advertisement.

☘️ #2 You are not allowed to talk about other groups. Sharing links to other chats is strictly forbidden.

☘️ #3 Do not discuss Religious & Political issues. Don’t spread rumours, nor nonsense talks.

☘️ #4 Do not send private message to anyone without their permissions. Stop being thirsty!!! You’ll be banned instantly.

☘️ #5 Do not forward any messages (with links) from other chats otherwise the bot will warn you. Flooding = ban.

☘️ #6 Use merely an appropriate username, display name & display picture. Admins might require you to change them if they found it annoying.

☘️ #7 Respect! Don’t ever try to teach a lesson to admins, stop dead in your tracks if mods tell you to do, else you will be banned without any warnings.

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