All about Telegram bots

Telegram Bots are a new function this platform is now offering, which has been achieving a preferential position in latest times.

Its function is to release the user’s workload, especially to those who uses their account for work purposes. 

What are Telegram bots?

The Bots are programs designed to have conversations with users.  It is about an automatic option that can offer immediate replies, without needing users to take the time to answer.

They work based on the information that is provided by the user that controllers it, and are increasingly used by services offered through websites.

Probably, sometimes you have come across some bots for Telegram. They are the ones that ask you how they can help you, your name or even they can redirect you to other website. Although we cannot have deep conversations with them, since their functions are limited by their programming levels. 

What are Telegram bots used for?

Their main use is to provide help to clients about products and services that are offered thought Telegram.

This kind of program can be perfectly adapted to a channel, group or Telegram chat and you can accomplish it in a short time. Its duty is to maintain the interaction inside the group, give automatic answers and suggest new information to members. 

How does Telegram bots works?

The operation of the bots on Telegram can be achieved through programming, which can be done from the same application or from a different app, so then can be inserted into Telegram.

Bots, also known as chatbot, are based on some precepts of the language such as:

  • Natural Language Processing, which consists on simplifying the meaning of the text, dividing the communications into small phrases or simple words.
  • Natural Language Comprehension, when the bot tries to understand what the user has said, locating synonyms. This is the stage that makes the dialogue possible.
  • Natural Language Generator. It means to offer unique details that make the user’s presence a tremendous experience, especially offering a personalized service.

Who can use the bots on Telegram?

The bots on Telegram are designed to be used by anyone. They are perfect for business accounts, but if you have a personal account and want to create a bot to work when you are not available, you can also do it.

The most attractive thing about bots on Telegram is that anyone can create and configure them according on their especial needs.

However, it should be noted that bots were designed for digital marketing purposes. That is why, if you have a company, offer a product or have a news channel, a bot can totally help you in different aspects. 

Types of Bots

The type of bots will depends on the programming of each one. If we have to list the types of bots that exist, we can highlight two groups: the simple ones and the smart ones.

Simple Bots

The simple bots are the ones that you can design by yourself on Telegram and they will just adjust to offer very simple and automatic comments.

Their programming is simple, throw just a question and two answer options. According to the answer given by the user, or the person with whom it interacts, it will automatically send the message that was already prepared for that specific option.

They can also be programmed in a closed way, whose answer can only be yes or no. Once the person chose and option, the bot will send the answer that is already configure in each existing options.

Smart Bots

The smart bots are more complex. They try to show a more humanized conversation and they are not adjust to a preset closed answers, but they can offer suggestions based on the conversation being held.

Their responses are more natural, and of course, for their development programmers rely on more complex analysis, metrics and diagrams.

Now that you know more about Bots, it is time to check some of we have in our section of Bots!

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