Differences between Telegram and Whatsapp

Telegram and WhatsApp are two of the most used and principal instant messenger apps most used around the world.

Both are used to make calls, send messages, images, voice notes and to share files, but there are important differences between the services they offer to their users. If you are interested to know the differences between Telegram and WhatsApp, keep reading this article and you will know.

What are the differences between Telegram and WhatsApp?

To list the differences between Telegram and WhatsApp, we must start with the most important aspects between both services.


The first aspect is related to security. It’s clear that nobody wants their private conversations to be spied on, and both applications take this very seriously. So they have an excellent security service.

All messages you send through Telegram are encrypted and all messages sent through WhatsApp have end to end security. However, Telegram has the option of secrets chats, which are messages between the sender and the receiver, which will not be stored anywhere.

Even that security in both platforms is very good, Telegram allows you, with a simple configuration, to send messages that are automatically deleted after a set time.

With this option you will be able to share files that once they are received and seen by the contact you selected, are going to disappear in the time you set, that can be since 2 seconds to a week. But to use this option is important that you remember to configure the secret message before sending the file, since once sent you will lose the opportunity.

Users by group

One of the biggest differences between Telegram and WhatsApp is the number of people that can join to a group. Telegram groups are designed to communities up to 200.000 users, which is a very important difference, considering that WhatsApp only allows 256 contacts by group.


Other advantage that puts Telegram ahead of WhatsApp is the possibility of using bots. Bots are programs developed to give some automatic response to a question.

This bots are used for conversation that do not require talking about deep topics, but are a very useful tool to business channels, which need to answer frequent questions. They also are used for working channels, where they have the responsibility to make reminders.

Bots can be created by users who do not need to know about programming to do so, because that’s done by the application.  If you rather, you can import bots already created by external programs.


It should not be forgotten that both Telegram and WhatsApp were created to communicate by messages and that´s why we have to talk about the importance of using stickers.

Conversations get more pleasant when we have graphic resources to include on them, like emojis, stickers or animations. Telegram has an extensive sticker’s store. It Also allows users to create their own stickers, which is something that calls people attention, although Whatsapp also has implemented recently the use of these.

Advantages of using Telegram

The advantages between these two applications are clear. However, it is time to highlight the advantages of Telegram in front of its first competition: WhatsApp.

  • First advantage that Telegram offers is access to channels, larger groups and the possibility to use bots. Also we have to say that the opportunity to create your own stickers to have the funniest conversations, leaves Telegram a clear advantage over WhatsApp.
  • Another advantage that telegram offers over its rival is the size of the files that can be sent, where you can share files up to 1,5GB. This is not a little thing, and gives it the most notorious advantage over WhatsApp.
  • With this function you can share large videos and even complete movies taking simple steps. You only have to enter the chat where you want to share your file, attach it and you’re done.

Advantages of WhatsApp

Let’s start by highlighting the first advantage that WhatsApp has: its big community. Even if you want to stop using it and switch to another messaging service, you have to remember that most users have this application.

So probably you will need to have WhatsApp on any of your devices, so you can be connected with more people

The second advantage WhatsApp has over another instant messaging platforms are video calls, where you can include up to 4 participants.

Without a doubt, we love video calls, so in this way there is a clear advantage to WhatsApp.

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