How to make money on Telegram

If you want to know how to make money on Telegram, continue reading. There are several ways to do it so, but we are going to tell you the most common ones.

How can I earn money through Telegram?

If you want to know how to earn money through Telegram, we will explain you 4 different ways:

Selling via Channels:

One of the simplest ways to earn a little extra money through Telegram is creating a channel.

You just have to create a channel focusing on the advantages of the service or product you are offering. You can also provide information of interest to your community, so that it helps you to grow quickly.

Channels are means to spread messages to one certain audience, therefore, with a channel you will have more possibilities of increasing your sales and attracting new customers.

Through a subscription

The second option you have to make money through Telegram is to charge a subscription or membership, so your audience can receive interesting information about some topic.

At this point, you must know that the information you provide by this option should be of qualified or high valuable, since you have to make the public want your content, so they subscribe to your channel paying a small fee.

Activate the donations

This is another option you could try. If your content is concentrated on a solid community, asking for donations to continue offering quality content, to collaborate with the cause will be reasonable and some followers will be willing to pay you.

An example of this are the channels dedicated to offer sewing tutorials, making desserts or another human made activity. People that teaches need supplies to make demonstrations, so they ask their followers to make donations to buy materials or implements.

Through Ads

Yes, ads are also available on Telegram, and it is tremendously influential. That’s why you have the possibility to add advertisement on your channel or group.

You can be monetized directly from advertisers who want to reach an agreement with you just mentioning them in your channel or group. Remember that you will be able to do this once you have a solid community.

How to generate incomes in Telegram through bots?

There is another option to generate incomes on Telegram, using bots to mine digital coins.

This strategy is increasing ant it has to become more popular due to it is almost automatic and reliable option.

Basically you just have to choose a bot you want to join from the Telegram application and start working. You can also work in different bots at the same time, in that way you will have more opportunities to make more money.

The crypto-currencies you earn through the bots can be redeemed through a digital wallet, and you will have money available in your bank account.

You just have to be careful about the bots you use, some of them offer a large amount of money for simple tasks, attracting victims, but they charge big fees of money, which they can never be recovered.

Those are called SCAMs, or better known as electronic scammers. Some of the task are based on sending audios, checking advertises or simple things, for which they pay up to 20 euros per day. Be careful and choose wisely the best bots for this aims.

How to use groups on Telegram to earn money?

The groups of Telegram are other option throughout you can earn money.  If you have any special skill, you can offer classes, instructions, tutorials… in an exchange of a some economic fee.

On the other side, you can offer products or services by the referrals option. When a member of your community makes use of the referrals link you will get a small profit, for example with Amazon.

The steps to make a good use of this strategy is:

  • First, create a group
  • Invite people who are interested in a specific topic, as technology, photography, videogames,
  • Later you can speak about the topic and offer services with the referral code in your community.

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