Anonymous sender telegram

Anonymous sender telegram

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This bot is created on public demand for keeping Source hidden for any particular Information. Generally people faces privacy issues while forwarding any content that is received from someone else and don’t want to expose their Identity.

Commands/ How to use

Just send/ forward file(s), post(s) or message(s) which you want to send to someone anonymously without leaking actual source, Bot will hide actual source (Forward Tag from Post’s header).

This bot can also be used to Forward content of Another Channel to your channel with showing or Exposing Actual file source.

/autopost – Use this Command to AutoPost content from one source to another(channel/group).

/destination – Use this Command to set Destination for AutoPosting !


More info

This bot is in Beta Phase, so if you find any bug or any problem in any of its Feature, Please provide feedback to the Developer by clicking on Discuss Issue

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