JSON Telegram bot

JSON Telegram bot

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Forward a message to see its details in JSON.You can also trigger a sample callback, it’ll give you the JSON file of that callback.
You can send me a JSON file in .txt or .json format to see its objects & keys interactively.

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JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.
It’s a simple text-based data format that is written with specific syntax rules.
The syntax rules of the JSON file are as follows:
• Data is presented as key: value pairs.
• Data is separated by commas (,).
• Curly braces ({ }) hold objects.
• Square brackets ([ ]) hold arrays.

JSON supports the following data types:
• string (“abc”)
• number (1234 or 12.34)
• boolean (true or false)
• null
• object ({“key_name”: “value_name”})
• array ([“element1”, “element2”])

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