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English, Spanish… 26 different.



Shieldy is the best solution in Telegram to fight annoying spammers.

Commands/ How to use

/help β€” shows this message
/language β€” switches language
/captcha β€” changes type of captcha used
/timeLimit β€” changes amount of time given to newcomers
/lock β€” makes commands accessible only by admins
/restrict β€” restricts newcomers to send only text messages in the first 24 hours
/deleteEntryMessages β€” delete messages about user entry
/greeting β€” greets users who pass the test
/trust β€” reply with this command to a message sent by user that you don’t want to check
/ban β€” same as trust, but the opposite
/strict β€” use when you don’t want to receive any newcomers’ messages but captcha solutions until they pass captcha
/customCaptchaMessage β€” setup custom captcha message
/deleteGreetingTime β€” setup when to delete Shieldy’s greeting in seconds like /deleteGreetingTime 100, reset by setting it to 0
/banUsers β€” whether to ban or to kick users
/deleteEntryOnKick β€” whether to delete entry messages for users who failed captcha
/cas β€” whether to use Combot Anti-Spam or not
/underAttack β€” toggle the mode to automatically kick all newcomers
/noAttack β€” disables Shieldy
/noChannelLinks β€” automatically delete messages that link to other telegram channels
/viewConfig β€” view the current Shieldy configuration
/buttonText β€” change the captcha button text in the form of /buttonText I’m not a bot!
/allowInvitingBots β€” whether users can invite other bots or not
/greetingButtons β€” setup buttons for greeting message
/skipOldUsers β€” don’t show captcha to Telegram accounts with ID less than 1000000000
/skipVerifiedUsers β€” don’t show captcha to users who have ever passed captcha in any chat
/setConfig β€” setup Shieldy configuration in one message
/banForFastRepliesToPosts β€” turn on or off banning users who reply to new channel posts within 5 seconds after posts are created
/restrictTime β€” setup how much time will Shieldy /restrict a newcomer in hours like /restrictTime 24, reset by setting it to 0
/banNewTelegramUsers β€” instantly ban (or kick) newcomers with Telegram ID over 1 000 000 000


More info

Still got questions? Check out the support channel β€” @borodutch_support. Shieldy code is open source and can be found here ( Thank you!

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