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This bot can translate voice messages between dozens of languages.

As a reply you’ll get the voice message with a translation to a target language.

Commands/ How to use

Just choose languages to translate with /lang command and send a voice message.

Available commands
– /lang – change translation languages.
– /status – shows your current translation languages, the number of remaining free translations today, the number of purchased minutes of translation (if any) and the linked email.
– /toggle – toggle your translation languages (I think this is useless, but you may need it in case of troubles).
– /help – shows this message.
– /email – linking an email to your account.
– /donate – support the author.
– /buy – purchase the minutes of translation.


More info

You can record voice messages and get voice translation for them.
Use the /lang command to change translation languages.
You don’t need to switch between translated languages – direction is detected automatically.

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