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Zodier is a bot that by date of birth helps to find a perfect mate for you 😊 All you need to do is to put likes to other users and when your likes match the bot sends you contacts of each other. With the help of Zodier Gold you can check those who already likes you and like them back. So that mutual likes were often and guaranteed to happen.


More info

In the bottom right corner you can easily find four dots. If you click them you go to «Menu» with the following buttons: «Find a Mate», «Profile», «Sympathy», «Settings», «Pricing plans».

this is what the main menu looks like

👥 «Find a Mate» takes you back to the feed with users.

👤 «Profile» helps you to edit your profile info.

Change your Zodier photo by clicking «📷 Photo».

Change information about yourself by clicking «💌 Description».

Change your location that will be shown to other users by clicking «🗺 Location».
And don’t forget to change it during your trips.

Check the details of your subscription or try a new one by clicking «💳 Pricing plans».

this is how the 👤Profile menu looks like

 💑 «Sympathy» shows who likes you (💟 Liked by) and with whom you has a match (😍 Mutual likes).

Only Zodier Gold let’s you open «💟 Liked by» section and like users there to immediately get a mutual like 🙂

⚙️ «Settings» helps you to change your profile settings.

Change the language in which the bot will communicate with you by clicking
«🗣 Language».

Change the search distance in which the bot will find and show you users by clicking «📏 Maximum distance».

Change the age filter by clicking «🔞 Age Range».

You can choose one of the five options: users who are 1 year younger and older than you, 3, 5,10 years difference accordingly or without age limits.

«Stickers» button shows you our sticker pack.

💵 «Pricing plans» shows info about available subscriptions where you can choose the one you like best.

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