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Description: We post fun facts about psychology and psychological phenomenon.

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The individualistic perspective of psychology referees to the subject’s perception of reality, and what behaviour this perception elicits. We all have different views of reality, and how we come to see reality, decides what our behaviour will be like. The individualistic perspective of psychology takes three trends:

(1) The experimental method; applying scientific method to behavior

(2) Psychoanalytical method; taking the unconscious into account

(3) Humanistic approach; taking into account the human aspects such as self-actualization and creativity. 

 The individualistic perspective is a merge between the behavioral, cognitive, psychoanalytical and humanistic perspectives. This is mainly because the behavioral perspective fails to take into account the cognitive processes that take place when an action triggers a response from a human. The psychoanalytical and humanistic aspects come into this merge, because we are species with unconsciousness and possess human qualities such as creativity and self-actualization.


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