How to Create a Telegram bot

Probably, you have heard about the advantages of having a Telegram bot. That is why we will tell you the steps you have to follow in order to create your own Telegram bot.

Each programming process takes its own time and presents a certain level of complexity. However, to create a Telegram bot is possible despite you do not have experience in the field, so that you will be able to do it without any difficulty.

It is possible that first tries will look like they are more complex than they really are, but do not be afraid of failure, because you will be able to try it any times you want. So, take notes about the process and get ready to create your own Telegram bot.

Preliminary Steps

In order to start creating your own Telegram bot, we recommend you to use the Desktop Telegram version. This way will be easier for you to follow steps and accomplish your committed. However, you could also try it from your tablet or smartphone.

Download Telegram Desktop

Another thing you shall know is that you can design your bot from an external program, so then you can insert it into Telegram and use it as you like.

Steps to create a Telegram Bot

  1. To start the design and development of the bot in Telegram please login.
    telegram inicio
  2. From the Telegram search engine, contact Botfather tiping @botfather which is the creator of the Telegram bots.adding botfather
  3. Once you locate Botfather’s chat, you must press the start button at the bottom of the chat.
    botfather telegram question
  4. Botfather will offer you a list of commands. In your case, you must select: create a new bot typing /newbotnewbot with botfahter
  5. The next step is to enter the name you want to give the bot. If the name you select is taken, it will let you know and you will have to try a new to your bot telegram
  6. Later you must enter an alias or username, which must end in the word bot. Again, if the username is taken, you will have to try until you get an available your both bothfather
  7. Once you get an available username, Botfather will provide you with a code that let you control the bot.Now you are ready to continue to the configuration step.

How to configure a Bot without coding

When you are in Botfather’s chat type the next command: /Token. Then select the bot you want to configure and it will send you a message you have to copy.
Go to Telegram search engine and type @GroupHelpBot. You must pay attention to select the right name, because there are many similar imitations.

The right choice:

group help bot telegram

Press the start bottom and paste the message you previously copied when you were in @Botfather’s chat.

Once it confirms the bot is already configure. Start a chat with your bot and type the next command: /start where it should show the same options that @GroupHelpBot gave you.

welcoming helpbot telegram

Now go to the group where you want to introduce the bot. Look in the configuration Management of the group > Administrators > Add administrator. There you must look for your bot to grant the necessary permissions.

editing group

Keep in mind that it is not yet programmed, it is just in the group, although it has the codes to perform certain actions.

Next step is typing the command: /conf and it will ask you if you want to make the settings in the group or by private chat.

After selecting the option of your preference, it will display a long list of possible options that you can modify in the bot as:

Give automatic welcomes, suggest channels, send rules when logging in, make automatic moderations, among many other functions.

settings group

In order to make those changes, you just have to click the bottom you want to modify and follow the instructions. Check this example with “Rules bottom”

group regulations

Posterior a hacer todas las modificaciones que deseas, debes ingresar al grupo y escribir el comando /reload para que se actualicen las modificaciones. Con estos pasos tu bot está listo para gestionar tu grupo.

welcoming the new bot

How to create a no coded Telegram Bot?

If creating your own bot seems difficult to you or you do not have any knowledge about web development or programming, do not worry, there are different Telegram bot manufacturers offering their services.

You have to choose an already designed bot which better fits with your style and needs, so later it could be modify and can be used.

There are so many bots available in Telegram that there is practically one for any occasion, and the best is that to use them, you just must introduce the name of the bot in the Telegram search engine and click it. Once it gives you the option you are looking for, you can start using it.

If, for example, you are looking for a bot to help you find images, we recommend you to try @ImageBot. After you have done that, the next thing you will do is start a chat with it. In the body of the message, you will have to type a / plus the word “get“, followed by the keyword of the image you want.


If you want an image of the moon, type: /getmoon and the bot will offer you the options it has available for you.

@ImageBot can also provides you animated gifs. The process to get the gift is the same:

  • Open the bot
  • In the body of the message type the / plus getgif, followed by the keyword you are looking for: /getgifsmile.


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