Telegram bots: what are they and how do they work

We are going to explain what Telegram bots are and how they work, one of the differentiating features of this instant messaging application of Telegram. With it, Telegram goes up a level compared to other applications by allowing you to use automations created by others to help with certain tasks.

What are the Telegram Bots

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Telegram bots are a series of third-party applications that run inside the messaging app. You don’t need to install them or do anything different in order to use them, as they are integrated in such a way that they are used as if they were a real person you are interacting with. They are cross-platform, and you can use them on the version of Telegram on the operating system of your choice.

The interface of these applications is purely textual, and you will control them by sending them messages containing certain commands or instructions that they understand in order to react to them. The commands, instructions or words that you have to write to them to use them will depend on each bot.

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These applications are fully automated. There is no one behind them, but they are prepared to give certain types of responses depending on the command you type in. You can find several types of bots, from the simplest ones that simply show basic content to others that are more complex and focused on a specific task that they can help you with.

Bots arrived in Telegram in June 2015, and the messaging application offers the necessary tools for anyone to create a Telegram bot to automate tasks in the app. Being conversational bots, they generally do not require you to interact by tapping or clicking anywhere, although many also include buttons in their responses with which to send commands or requests without having to type them.

How Telegram bots work

The operation of the bots is quite simple. First, you will have to search for them as if they were another type of user, using @YourName or Telegram’s internal search engine. There will be times when you will find a direct link that takes you directly to open a conversation with them. Sometimes the bots are private, where you can use them by link, and in this website you can find those links.

When you enter a conversation with a bot, you will only see a description of how it works. Underneath the description, you will have to click on a button that says Start, which is used to automatically send the Bot’s start command. When you do so, the bot will reply with a message explaining again how it works and telling you the main commands to start using it.

And then that’s it. You will start using its operating commands, and depending on the type of bot you may have other commands in its responses to navigate through its content menu and messages.

And the type of content and functions that you will find depend on each bot and what it has been designed for. Some will simply show you information from one or more specific sources, others will create reminders, and there are even some that will propose games through text. It is up to you to find bots for the functions you need from them.

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