What is Telegram?

Telegram is an instant message platform that has been gaining popularity in last years. This one allows you to send messages and make phone calls in real time, but also gives you the option to send big files, up to 1,50 gigabytes.

This app is a great communicational solution that has wide advantage in front of its competitors. The platform not only let you send encrypted messages instantly, but also has benefits like:

  • Secret chats
  • Use bots
  • Make groups up to 5000 users
  • Versions like Telegram desktop or Telegram web, depending on the device you have.

Other advantage that Telegram gives you is the possibility to use an alias, which means that user’s privacy is protected. If you want to share files or get communicated to somebody else without giving your phone number, Telegram is indicated for that.

What is Telegram used for?

Usually Telegram is used like a communication platform in real time, but recently it has become into a tool to promote services and products. Also, it works like an informative channel, to increase the communication between the employees from some companies and even to support educational processes.

Currently, Telegram has more than 180 million users and that number is still growing up. This is not something estrange, if we consider that this platform has been being used to offer conferences, to make studding groups and also to improve productivity in telework teams.

However, groups aren’t the only advantage that Telegram offers. It also give you the chance to subscribe to different channels where you can find some information about your main themes of interest.

How is Telegram built on?

To have secure messages is the main priority to the most part of users and maybe some pays more attention to this aspect than others. However, this is an interesting topic than can make that an application like this one has successful or not.

In Telegram’s specific case, its structure has given security to its users, because each one of the conversations that people have in the platform have their own encryption protocol. This structure is extremely secure and has fewer chances of being hacked.

In addition, this app has secret chats, which have an end-to-end encryption that keep conversations away from intruders.

Communications in Telegram are based on the cloud, which means that files that you send or the conversations you have through this app are going to be available any time, independently of the dispositive you used to get connected to it.

If you are a Telegram’s user, you can access to the different versions they have (Desktop, smartphone or tablet), you just need to download the app and start using it. Once you have Telegram on any device you can get all your information, sent or received.

How Telegram works?

The operation of Telegram is very similar to other instant message platform. You just have to download the app and install it following the next steps:

  • By make the configuration, you need to include some data like your phone number or create an Alias.
  • Then, Telegram is going to send you a code, which you must enter.
  • After this step, you will be ready to use Telegram any time you rather and since the device you like the most.

Additional functions

In addition, of basic functions Telegram offers, we can list some special features that makes this app unique in its style.

Secret chats

In this app you can chat with friends, send images, voice notes and files, create or join to channels, join to groups and other things. However one of the features that people like the most are secret chats.

Secret chats are not stored on the server. Also, they offer the opportunity to program your message, picture or file, to self-destruct in a period of time you decided, since 2 seconds to a week.

In case you want to use this function, you need to know that you have to program your message first, before you send it. Like this, the receiver will not have the chance to save the message you are sending.


On the case of channel, users has the option of a search engine, which gives them the chance to find hundreds of different channels. The most popular channels are the ones that are dedicated to media, political entities, companies or those dedicated to tracking discounts and offers.

Once you choose a channel you are interested, you will have access to all information that has been shared on it since its creation. This is very relevant to other messaging groups, where you can only view information that was shared since you joined to them.

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