One piece Telegram bot

One piece Telegram bot

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Bot Name

OP Manga & Anime Bot





Bot to search, read, watch and download One Piece manga or anime!

Commands/ How to use

This Bot can be completely operated from inline keyboards. To improve users experience, we also added a way to easily access resources without having to go through all screens. This is also the only way you can use the Bot in a group, allowing you to easily share your ideas with others.

The quick access command is [type] [number/name] [d] or /get [type] [number/name] [d] if the Bot is being used in a group.

Type: Represents the required item type. It can be:

  • “c” for a chapter
  • “v” for a volume
  • “e” for an episode
  • “sm” for a Manga saga/arc
  • “sa” for an Anime saga/arc
  • “f” for a film
  • “se” for a special episode
  • “ms” for a mini special
  • “ova” for an OVA
  • “sp” for a special prequel

More info

This Bot isn’t an official channel to access One Piece Anime & Manga contents. If you believe your Intellectual Property was violated, please contact us and we will immediately remove any copyrighted material.

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